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Unit 1 Grandparent Stories and Trickster Tales

Patchwork Quilt by Valerie Flournoy

Stone Soup    

Lon Po Po

Half- Chicken


Unit 2 Inspired by the Sea

Sarah, Plain and Tall (2 weeks)

Antarctic Ice

Dolphins at Daybreak (2 weeks)


Unit 3 Creative, Inventive, and Notable People

 Me and Uncle Romie

Beethoven Lives Upstairs

The Science Fair

Backstage with Chris and Casey

The Day Eddie Met the Author


Unit 4 The People, Preamble and Presidents

 Shh! We’re Writing the Constitution (2 weeks)

So You Want to be President?

Who Was Thomas Jefferson? (2 weeks)

Presidential Biographies


Unit 5 A Feast of Words on Earth and Beyond

Ellen Ochoa, Astronaut

Robodogs of Greenville

The Planets

 Planet Project

Voyage Across the Solar System

Unit 6 Gods, Giants, and Dragons

 Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses Research

Hour of the Olympics  (2 weeks)

 Lightning Thief (3 weeks)

Dragon Dilemma (2 weeks)

Ancient Rome







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